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A Thousand Words vs. $69 Million
You can buy a van Gogh painting for a couple of thousand dollars.  Well, not a real van Gogh, but at least 99% of one – enough to fool private collectors and institutions like Christie’s or the Tate Modern.  Just place your order with a former middle-school art teacher named John Myatt, also known by Scotland Yard as the talent behind “the biggest art fraud of the 20th century.”
What separates a John Myatt’s Starry Night from the one hanging pricelessly in the MoMA?
To the naked eye, nothing.  Their consumptive value is perfectly equal – whether viewed digitally or physically, whether appreciated by one or many.
The difference between the real thing and the copycat boils down to one simple answer: Provenance.  The ledger tracing the work’s chain of custody back to its creator.  Or, in the words of our youth: “Let’s see the receipts.”
Art experts estimate that roughly 10% of all van Gogh’s in existence are fakes.  The van Gogh painting itself holds no value.  Together with the museum plaque beside it, it’s priceless.
notion image
Earlier this year, the digital artist Beeple and MakersPlace, a leading NFT marketplace, combined forces to list the first purely digital artwork and NFT ever offered at Christie’s.
Beeple’s magnum opus, EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS, sold for over 39k ETH or $69 million at the time of sale – the third-highest auction price for a living artist.
At today’s ETH price of ~$3k, that’s $150 million – placing it comfortably in a price range reserved for Picasso, Rothko, and Basquiat.
The Beeple sale set off a wave of NFT market activity, but also a ton of skepticism.  As NFT critics point out, a digital image is infinitely easier to replicate than a physical painting.  Yet, Christie’s clearly thought it might be worth something and the market confirmed it resoundingly.  Why?
What separates a digital image sold at Christie’s for millions from one that I right-clicked and saved to my computer?
Again, the answer is:  Provenance.
Blockchains bestow provenance on digital assets in a way that previously wasn’t possible for digitized media.  It’s easy to copy and paste a digital picture, but it’s impossible to fake the NFT that carries its provenance.
Is a digital picture worth $69 million?  Depends who you ask.
33 bidders placed over 350 bids for Beeple’s THE FIRST 5000 DAYS.
Their breakdown by age:
Under 25 years old:  2Between 25 and 40:  19Between 41 and 55:  11Over 55:  1
30 out of the 33 were first-time bidders at Christie’s.
I suspect they’ll be sticking around.
A CryptoPunk Renaissance
The driving force behind the Renaissance wasn’t Michaelangelo or Donatello.  It was the Medici family, 15th-century pioneers of our modern financial system and the largest bank of their time.  Their patronage of the arts turned Florence, Italy into the center of a creativity explosion.
Today, we’re witnessing the emergence of a new financial system – one without middlemen or Medici’s.  The market cap of crypto has grown to over $2 trillion in the past decade.  Yet people are puzzled about why NFT markets are doing billions in volume and why NFT-related tokens currently make up over $20 billion in market cap.
New financial system, new Renaissance.  It’s unsurprising that a Medici-style patronage system is emerging out of crypto to establish its own culture – one born in the image of its tastemakers: a mash-up of 8-bit aesthetics and cyberpunk je ne sais quoi.
Since 2017, there have been 115 million primary sales of NFT’s.  CryptoPunks sit atop the list with over $1 billion of volume since their release in 2017 as one of the earliest NFT projects on Ethereum.  Visa has purchased a CryptoPunk.  So has Jay-Z.  One particularly unique CryptoPunk sold at Sotheby’s for $11.7 million.
notion image
CryptoPunks are both art and artifact.
What matters for CryptoPunks is not their provenance.  Most Punk buyers have no particular affinity for their original creators.
What matters is their timestamp - the specific block mined on Ethereum that immortalizes their historical significance; and their scarcity - only 10,000 unique Punks exist.
Uniqueness is an unfamiliar concept in the digital world.  It’s just not worth the effort or cost to track individual instances of a music file or PDF as they travel across the Internet.
NFT’s lower the cost of digital uniqueness to near-zero.
This unlocks a new world of collectible assets that extends beyond fine art.  Today, a Kanye West album playing on my phone is indistinguishable from the final version delivered at his recording studio.  How much would an “original mint” of The College Dropout, one of the most influential hip-hop albums in history, be worth?
What we’re seeing now is a future where content and context travel together through the digital universe.  The data and the metadata, distilling the previously intangible into legible, transferable value.Who Cares About NFTs
NFT’s are a disruptive force in the same way that cryptocurrencies are disrupting the global financial system - through disintermediation and censorship resistance.
Musicians take home only 12 percent of their revenues.  Artists pay 50% commissions to art galleries.  Google and Apple take a 30% slice of all apps and in-app purchases.
The connection between creators and consumers is broken.  In a world where data is king, it’s Ticketmaster, auction houses, and streaming apps that interact directly with fans, gathering their information behind walled gardens and maintaining their grip on commercial distribution.
Every time an artist sells an NFT, they take back ownership of their economics.  A direct distribution channel where they can earn the full worth of their creations.
Censorship is alive and well.  As content and communication keep moving further into the digital world, so are various forms of censorship.  We see it happening through state-controlled Internet access, algorithmic news feeds, and Terms of Service policies.
The most consistent outcome of all censorship is its circumvention.  Much of NFT content is hosted on a decentralized storage network, Arweave, where JPEG’s and GIF’s sit alongside an app called WeiBlocked.
WeiBlocked monitors Weibo, the top messaging app in China, for phrases and hashtagged posts that are likely to be censored and copies them to Arweave, where they become virtually indestructible.  Earlier this summer, Hong Kong’s largest pro-democracy newspaper, Apple Daily, was forced to close following government raids and the shut down of its website - but not before 4,000 articles were posted on Arweave.
notion image
Every NFT purchase increases the capacity of decentralized infrastructure like Arweave and Filecoin to support and preserve critical applications.
Still Early
The market cap of NFT’s is estimated at around $28 billion - only 1.4% of the crypto market’s $2 trillion total.
Platforms like MakersPlace are the first step - a gateway for creators and fans to create and access their first NFT’s.  That’s why we’re thrilled to lead their latest funding round.
In the same way that a fintech apps that can’t see your bank balances is dead on arrival, the next big social network will need to recognize users’ NFT inventories.
New product strategies will be built around the objects held in your wallet - a unique fingerprint of likes, preferences, fandoms, and willingness to spend that marketing executives can only dream of.
In a future world of practically infinite data, AI-generated “deepfakes,” and virtual anonymity, the role of NFT’s will become even clearer: as the building blocks of authenticity, curation, and true signal from the noise.
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