Layer 1s

A Framework for Comparison
Q2 2021 Layer 1 Review
Development comparison between L1s
Around the Block: ETH killers and new chains
ETH vs SOL (Developer)
Q2 2021 L1 TVL
Incentives Programs
Speculation and the smart contract wars
Protocols don't capture value, DAOs manage risk
To EVM or not to EVM
scalability narrative that L1s have been using to compete with Ethereum since 2016
League of Parachains
Speculation and the smart contract wars
L1 Protocols : TVL as a proxy for usage
Bridge Dashboard
How Solana is like Netflix
ETH vs Terra
Centralization problems of PoS blockchains
Framework on L1 and L2s investments
L1s vs L2s
Value accrual on Layers
Performance metrics
The War on virtual machines: WASM vs EVM
BTC vs ETH blockchain size
Why demand for blockchains will always outpace supply
What levers are available to a blockchain if you want to increase throughput and decrease fees?
Why Solana > ETH
Fees are high, can devs do something?
Dechads on L1s vs L2s
Layer by Layer 2021 Review
Get out of your Eth Maxi Bubble
Eth vs alt l1s
Layer by Layer 2021 Review Part 2
Blockchains are computers that can make commitments
Why Fees are important
L1 prospects
Liquid staking
WTF is data availability
Data availability and its importance
Problem with state growth
Blockchains are cities
Lyn Alden on Proof of Stake
Blockchains are cities
Why Alt L1s are bullish
Finality: Unpacking Blockchain Settlement
Understanding rollup economics from first principles
The AMM test: a no BS look at L1 performance
The future of L1s is NEAR
Proto Danksharding FAQ
ETH Scaling
Waves is the biggest Ponzi in crypto
Framework for analysing L1s
Evolution of the L1 Landscape
Aptos one pager
A thread on how a $50M loan of the native asset on any major L1 can trigger a catastrophe
A look at Secret Network
Waves is LUNA but a circular Ponzi that is almost impossible to exit
On L1s as public goods
L1s as money
Korea L1 Wars
Hashing it out w Hedera Hashgraph
BNB Chain: The Evolving Juggernaut (https://messari.io/article/bnb-chain-the-evolving-juggernaut?utm_source=newsletter_top&utm_medium=organic_email&utm_campaign=bnb_evolving_juggernaught)
Value accrual models for L1s
The case for altlayer
Framework for evaluating L1s
L1 chain rotation thesis
Sui Blockchain
Sui blockchain
General introduction to Sui and its programming language move
Intro to Sui
Why Aptos
Hedera ecosystem overview
State of Hedera Q2
Aptos and Sui design differences
Aptos vs Sui
Breakdown of Aptos
How zkEVMs Can Keep Ethereum Competitive with Alternative Layer-1s
State of BNB chain Q2 22
Diving into the Aptos Network
Aptos: Solana 2.0 or Something More?
Sui — A boundless platform to build rich and dynamic on-chain assets
Mapping out Aptos Ecosystem
The bridge stack
Move with Sui
Canto Guide
Outlook for sui, aptos & move
A look at numbers on Canto
Danksharding: ETH”s scalability killer
Data availability sampling: from basics to open problems
Web3 w a16z: Key topics around PoS blockchains
Articles for understanding blockspace & CCMs
Sui vs Aptos
Bell Curve Roundup #1
Canto — an EVM compatible Layer 1 blockchain built in Cosmos SDK with free DeFi
Sui Thesis
Everscale: An evolving, community-led L1
Dragonfly on Aptos
Canto Investment Thesis
What the fork is going on
Breaking down Aptos token economics
Aptos vs Sui
State of Hedera Q3
Sui Network