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ETH Dev Speed Run
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Full Stack ETH Dev
Solidity, Blockchain & Smart Contract Course
Solidity by example
Some recommendations here
Building and testing smart countracts with Foundry
Andre’s Reading list for people looking to get into smart contract dev
Solana resources
Solana Onboarding
Solana dev resources
Awesome Serum
Solana Developer Resources
Guide to Full Stack Solana Devleopment
Mango Workshop
How to Anchor
Solana dapp development path
Geting started
Start on Solana
How to audit solana smart contracts
Thread of things to know before developing on Solana
How to program on solana
Writing Smart Contracts on Solana with Anchor
Ayush Step by Step Guide
Dune Analytics - OurNetwork Learn
How to win an online Hackathon
Querying Blockchain Data
EVM Frontrunning Bot
How to build your own SUPER SIMPLE auto-balancing ETF using FTX's Quant Zone
Building on Graph
How I learned Solidity programming in a month
The complete guide to full stack eth development
8 ways of reducing the gas consumption of your smart contracts
How to prepare for a security review
Tips and tricks to make auditors love you
NFT Game
How to win Gas Wars
ETH Dev Ecosystem
SQL on ETH: How to work with all the data from a transaction
PostgreSQL Query Optimisation tricks
How to get started writing smart contracts for NFTs
Ignition Workshop
How to create your own yield farm
Complete guide to full stack Solana Development
Solana Transactions in Depth
Solidity Blockchain and Smart contract course
Mint NFTs Programtically on ETH
How nft smart contracts work
how to ramp up on web3
Learned to code in 30 days
Defining the web3 stack
Solidity tips from t11
Ship an epic Web3 app on Solana
Solana devs: How to send custom instructions via instruction data
On Ethereum event logs
Solana programming resources
A thread on rust
Create a Solana dApp from scratch
Creating tokens on Solana
Wagmi Labs Hackathon ideas
Base tables w/Dune
Guide to Building, Testing, & Deploying your First DApp with Truffle, Ethers.js, Ganache, & React
Learn Rust
Solana Quick Learning path
Building EVM Codes (nteractive reference to EVM Opcodes)
Foundry: Ethereum Dev Toolbox
Quick batch data retrieval from an unmodified geth client
How much does it cost to deploy a NFT project on ETH
Insights for aspiring Solana devs
Solana development step by step guide
Build NFTs on Solana - Buildspace
Dev Guide to NFTs
Building and testing smart contracts with Foundry
Solidity basics
Guide to Web3 for web2 front end devs
Blockchain roadmap for backend devs
Web3 Dev layers
Building an EVM from scratch
EVM Starter Kit
Lil web3
Learning solidity for people with nontrivial amount of experience
Pool Sniper
EVM Reading materials
Anish on MultiFaucet: Bootstrap your Testnet Wallet
How to use Dune Analytics like a degen
Uniwhales Custom Bot
Solana programs to make your NFTs work
Avalanche dev tools
Start buidling on Soylana
Getting into Web3: Guide for developers
Cairo tutorial
Guide to fullstack web3 dev
Web3 Resources
Creating a stack in solidity via a linked list
EVM Deep Dives: The Path to shadowy super coder pt 1
EVM Deep Dives: The Path to Shadowy Super Coder - Part 2
How to get started in WEb3 hacking on Rust-based chains
Dev resources
How to start coding in web3
Vyper for beginners
Buildspace: Build a Web3 App on Terra
Tips for learning smart contract development
EVM Reading List
EVM Resources
Facebook 3.0 on Blockchain with Solana
GitHub’s to learn solidity
EVM Handbook
Complete guide to full stack web3 development
100 days of becoming a web3 developer
RSS Aggregator for Web3
Web3 Data Practise Problem Set
Rust Solana Tutorial
Best solidity resources
Web3 stack
From solidity to vyper
Build a smol evm from scratch part 3
MEV memoirs: into the arena chapter 1
Visualising the 7 block reorg
New Foundry release
School of Solana
Full Stack Web3 w Lens Protocol
Understanding the EVM
Smart contract security: simple check list for web3 development
Why run mev-boost
Library of Ethereum
ZK Resources
Dev’s Journal 3
Github MEV code/repos that may be useful
How to build MEV arb bot on Solana
Move Programing language
Learning Web3 dev in 100 days
Web3 Data Practise Question 7
Flashbots starter kit
React Hooks Library for Ethereum
First interactions with Solidity
Talk on Foundry
Smart Contract Development — Move vs. Rust
Move: Innovations and opportunities
Radicle: Decentralising the code collaboration stack
Zero Gas Wasted: Winning the IAmTheOptimizor Challenge