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Common Interview Questions
Hotel California of Crypto
Tradeoffs + Differences between FAANG, startup and Crypto
13 non-obvious habits to look for in hiring high performing employees:
20 ways to stand out in a hiring process
Takeaways on hiring in the space
Before working in crypto
How to get started in crypto
Messari: How to get a job in crypto
How to make it in crypto without technical skills.
How to freelance in crypto without technical skills.
Mental Models
How to Learn anything
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Productive Discomfort : Socratic Method
Mental model for thinking clearly and solving complex problems:
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What can crypto teach us about the future of work
Remote Losers : A bigger talent pool favors the lucky over the skilled
No Floor, No Ceiling
The Ponzi Career
9 things you should know about working as a sell-side Quant
Rookie Bankers Sour on Wall Street's Pitch of Big Pay and Long hours
Gen Z Is Rewriting the Rules for Personal Finance in Real Time. That's Good, Right
An Analysis of the Anon Trend in Crypto Discourse
SF x LA : Tech and Entertainment intersection
Going from Web 2 to Web 3 - “Your take rate is my opportunity”
Collaborative Overload
The internet treats bad business models as defects and routes around them.
10 Principles of effective story telling
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Touch decisions and rewards of getting it right
Harder than it looks, not as fun as it seems
How to get lucky in marketing
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SBF And the conscience of a crypto billionaire
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To tweet or not to tweet
The t-shaped information diet
The progressive decentralization of narrative
Thoughts from a newcomer to the wild land of crypto
Squad Wealth
Crypto Investors Road Back From A Year Behind Bars
My professional career with no technical background thanks to Ethereum
Bull markets are full-body experiences
Humans of Bankless
We begin our lives as growth stocks but end our lives as value stocks
Confooocianist fooolosophy
Leverage - A Mental Model
Play long term games with long term people
Sam Altman: How to be successful
CZ Binance Reading List
Your professional decline is coming (much) sooner than you think
Tascha (Co-Founder of ALPHA Finance): 4 Learnings from 2020
5 tactics for finding focus in your career, startup, or life
Decision making while stressed
4 variant perceptions that are changing the world:
Should You Quit Your Job?
What am I working for?
Welcome to the YOLO Economy
A thread on the fight against normalcy (in your career, startup, writing, or life):
How I (almost) lost everything building and selling my last company Islands to WeWork
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Product Hunt: The Internet's Destiny Machine
The misbehaviour of Contrarians
Year in Review - Jawad Mian
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snxprofessor.eth 2 gwei advice
The Almanack of Naval Ravikant
800$ to Milly Club
100 tips for a better life
10 significant lies you're told about the world
Building in Defi Sucks Part 2
2 sats advice on how to make insane money
Sam on The Only secret is to begin
Rules of thumbs that simplify decisions
5 powerful mental models
The Guru
Four Ethereum Ecosystems you can get involved in
Recognising traits that can make you a better crypto investor
“Have Ridiculous Expectations”
What I learned the first time I lost a million dollars
The Token Society
6 ways to write more efficiently
Blockchains are the new app store
State of crypto : Builder's guide from Crypto Startup School
Story Time: The progressive decentralisation of narrative
Who’s subsidising the wealth creation in crypto
Incentives: The Failure & The Fix
Summary : Crypto Start up School
1 - Crypto Networks and why they matter
The internet as your resume
Invisible Hierachies
About Adapting
Go Big, Then Stop
Trabucco advice on college
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A note on speculation - one of humanity’s superpowers
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The Full Story of Mr Beast
How crypto enables economic freedom
SBF: Authenticity is really important
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17 mistakes to avoid when building businesses
Expenses are in absolutes
Advice if you want to make it
Existential Optimism
People that think they don’t deserve this/lucky : You’re wrong
How to think about breaking in crypto
The f2pool story
Discord Moderator Academy
Nick's tip to make it
Money and Beauty
How to level up your CT game
Be careful with your financial influence
Messari Hub
ScribeDAO: How to get a job in crypto
Twin Flames essay on life, death, family, love, determination, faith and healing
10 Genius Guerilla Marketing Campaigns
Advice to students thinking about dropping out
Framework for improving retention
Winners of Remote Work
Reflecting onmy accidental exploration in web3
Career progression in digital organisation
Observations in crypto
How to become a Crypto Lawyer
Building a Web3 Community
Beyond Metcalfe’s Law for Network Effects, and Towards a Better Model
Hire a growth marketer or use an external agency?
Thread of threads on career stuff
Lessons from a 100m+ exit
18 things about business that books are missing
18 trends that will shape our careers in 2022
A note on building protocols
Lessons from @shl that will help anyone looking to launch their career in web3
Invisible Hierarchies
How to win (without talent or luck)
Daryl leaving Mech
Career progression of FAANG engineer vs crypto engineer, a thread
Good things about being young and broke
Working Multiple Jobs
20 practical career lessons
How to write a great cold email
Experts from a world that no longer exists
Sahil on The Principles of Powerful Business Writing
Mega-🧵on Life Alpha
Tiger Global: How to Win
Climbing the wrong hill
On having 100k+ followers
The powerful paradoxes of life
Getting a crypto job
Power and scale of the crypto self tenured class
Finding success is about finding and tailing the right people
How to land your dream job
How to become a crypto lawyer
What to do if you're new
Virtual Economists will be one of the most in demand jobs
Learn to dev
A thread on mental health, addiction, NFTs, sleep,
The many worlds of enough
How to get a web3 dev job
Power Business Writing guide
Thoughts on Ethics+EV
Fiat, Stock, Options & Tokens
Twitter spaces w SBF and Sequoia
The new get-rich-faster job in Silicon Valley: Crypto Start ups
Guide on Making the web 2 -> Web 3 jump
Getting rich vs staying rich
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Creds lessons from 2021
The Feynman Technique
Why is the internet so lonely
Nick leaving Parafi 🥳
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On sending cold DMs
How to build a crypto career
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Build a web3 pm career
How to get a job in web3
Going fulltime crypto w Archon
10-K Diver on Acquired
How to create more luck
Pet peeves in crypto
On how most successful people are much more conscious of their own personal asymptotes at an earlier age than others:
Series A is the worse stage to join a startup
Breaking into Web3 as a PM
Andre’s solidity recommendations
Blockchain Dev Guide
Blockchain Dev resources
Crypto and web3 jobs report
What sets the best job postings apart
Sustainable ecosystem scaling
Economics of an internet newsletter
Token compensation: a brief explainer for job candidates
How to get a job in crypto
Core principles for building your career
If you're interested in working in Crypto or Web 3, read this:
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Lessons for founders + employees looking to join the next hot startup
How to get a job in web3
How to set yourself up to get hired
If you’re thinking about getting a job in web3
The nansen intern story
How to land a high paying crypto job
Navigating web3 jobs
Building trust and assessing integrity as you interview
Zigzag and hiring
Evaluating Web3 Job Opportunities like an investor
All about acquihires
5 steps to starting your crypto career
Getting hired anonymously for crypto gigs is very different from traditional hiring experiences.
The comprehensive guide to token compensation
the most common mistake I am seeing young people make early in their career.
Goal Setting guide
Electric Capital - Annual Developer Report
Talent marketplaces in the web3 era
If you're looking to work in web3, here are some invaluable tips:
Building a meaningful career
Comprehensive thread for all the current/future finance people
A thread on analyst compensation data including base salary, bonus and carry figures, influencing variables, as well as stats about the crypto fund space:
Web3 Talent and token compensation
An intro to token comp structures and tax considerations (mostly for US employers):